Damil, like every other web design/development company, makes great use of resources found on the Internet. The expression "Google is your friend" is a very true one! The list contains a mix of sites, some requiring payment, some a donation, some a link and some asking for nothing at all. We don't want to say which is which as they are all valuable resources and we're pleased to be able to share them with you. To the owners of these sites, please accept our thanks.

CSS Play
Stu Nicholls' web site. Such a great source of CSS expertise, the W3C even direct you to it!

Fam Fam Fam
The personal site and web playground of Birmingham (UK) based developer Mark James. Over 1000 silk icons to enrich buttons and links.

All things web - articles, books, forums, training material. It's a site that many web developers have bookmarked.

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